Moisture Testing & Control Systems

Concrete requires moisture in order to cure and strengthen, however an excess amount can cause adhesive failures, an increased amount of mold and mildew growth, and can even result in product failure, delamination, curling or bubbling.

In order to ensure a successful installation, concrete slab testing may need to be performed to evaluate that minimal moisture content is present and proper vapor emission levels are being met prior to, during, and after installation.

At Flooring Environment, we perform moisture testing using the following two (2) universally recognized methods:

  • Calcium Chloride (ASTM F-1869) Testing
  • Situ Probe Relative Humidity Test (ASTM F-2170)

Our team of Installers and experienced staff work hard to identify and mitigate these potential moisture problems early in the construction process in order to facilitate a successful installation. We have staff trained to provide and install the following control systems:

  • Epoxy-based concrete moisture mitigation products
  • Concrete sealers
  • Rolled moisture shield and underlayment